2014 Budget vote speeches and comment from the Shukumisa campaign

On 16 July, the Minister of Social Development, Ms Bathabile Dlamini, and her deputy, Ms Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu gave their budget vote speeches in parliament.

The Shukumisa Campaign responded with comment on the effectiveness of the department’s spending priorities, especially with respect to the Command Centre for gender-based violence.

Read our statement  here (Adobe pdf)

Text of 2014 Budget Vote Speech by Minister B Dlamini (Adobe pdf)
Text of 2014 Budget Vote Speech by Deputy Minister HI Bogopane-Zulu (Adobe pdf)

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Justice for rape victims? by Joy Watson

Charges against a man accused of raping and setting alight a nine-year old girl were dropped in last week. Before dying, the girl named her attacker. The Director of Public Prosecutions decided to provisionally withdraw the charges pending further investigation. This has been attributed to the fact that the forensic evidence against the man was described as being “technical, complicated and would take an undetermined amount of time” to process. Some of the evidence has been analysed, but the results of the analysis are inconclusive. The remaining evidence will require a longer process and the State is unable to say when this will be finalised. The man had faced charges of abduction, sexual assault, rape and murder. Read more ›

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NGOs are in trouble financially

No free rides for NGOs by Amanda Watson

Originally published in The Citizen newspaper on 9 June 2014

There is no easy way to say it: The non-profit-organisation sector is in deep trouble.

“Funding is political,” said Lisa Vetten of the Wits Institute of Social and Economic Research.

“Whether it comes from the state, donors, or corporate social investment, it reflects what our political priorities are and – of course – what are not,” said Vetten at a seminar on funding. Read more ›

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